How to Play Slots

You can find slots machines at ShowLion casino site, no matter what kind they are: online based or land-based. If you decide to play online, due to technology and development, you will have access to a larger array of games than the ones you will find when going to an land-based casino. In this article, I aim to show you how to play slots, whether you choose the online version or the land-based one.

Land-based Slots

The first thing you must do when entering a land-based casino is buying bar-coded coins, quarters or any other coin values that the game accepts. You can see the coin value on the game itself. After making your acquisition, you must enter a coin in the game, pull down the lever, which will make the reels spin. When you play at a land-based casino you will see on the screen games themed around fruits, accompanied by bells, sevens, and one bar, two bar and three bar symbols.

After the reels stop, you will be rewarded if you have an winning combination. On the paytable you can see the winning combinations. You can find the paytable at the top of the reels.

Online Slots

If you want to relax at your home or anywhere else where you have access to the internet, you can enjoy the online experience of an casino. Whenever you go online, you have to choose your game and make your wager. Choosing the wager, whether you play a classical or a multi-line video slot, includes three options. You can:

  • choose the number of lines you want to activate and place your bet on;
  • choose the coin value you want to use to place your wager;
  • choose the number of coins you want to place on every activated line.

All these create the wager and you can check the total amount of your bet under the Bet Cell.

Once you have placed your wager, you can start to play by clicking Spin. The button is usually found under the game’s control panel, in between or next to the wagering options. Once you press the button, the symbols will spin and when they stop, you will be paid according to the paytable, your bet and the winning combination.

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